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Digital radiography is a form of X-ray imaging, where digital X-ray sensors are used instead of traditional photographic film. It is very useful to a dentist to take images of mouth including teeth other bony part of the jaw.

How does it Work?

For digital radiograph, the sensor is kept near the area of interest in mouth and carefully positioned as per requirement. At the same time sensor is connected to the computer by a thin cord. Then it is exposed to X ray which gives the image of tooth or other part on sensor. This image is automatically transferred to computer and image is seen instantly. The sensor captures the resulting image.


It is very important for a doctor to update themselves with technology to receive advantages of that. Among some of the many benefits for you, are

  • A reduction in the amount of radiation you are exposed to during the X-ray process.
  • No need for dental film or processing chemicals to see the images.
  • No need to wait for images because it is seen instantly on screen. So No need to wait for the images to be processed and then view especially when you are in pain.
  • This provides key advantages over film in the form of full screen images that can be enhanced, zoomed in on and change in colour contrast aiding diagnostics
  • Providing easier patient communication, as well as allowing dental offices to communicate images electronically, allowing for simpler referrals and, where applicable, easier insurance claim submission.
  • Digital radiography in dentistry provides the clinician with the ability to store their images on a computer

Our Doctor’s

Periodontist & Dental Implantologist

Dr. Falgun Acharya is a registered specialist in dental implants and periodontic care.


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